Taylor Hearing Centers

Since 1986, Taylor Hearing Centers has provided quality hearing aids at an affordable price, dispensed in the most technologically advanced clinics with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Taylor Hearing has grown to six locations in Arkansas and four locations in Tennessee by making sure their staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and understanding at each step on your journey to better hearing. All Taylor Hearing Centers Specialists are nationally accredited and licensed in the state of Arkansas and/or Tennessee.

“Your sense of hearing helps connect you to the world,” states Dr. Matthew Taylor, Au.D., co-owner of Taylor Hearing Centers. “Your ears communicate sounds to your brain…A loved one’s voice, conversation with friends, birds singing, and the wind blowing… your hearing allows all of these sounds and more. Don’t let hearing loss hold you back from all that life has to offer!”

“Hearing is so vital to the memories we make. Your hearing can decline at such a slow rate which causes it to go unnoticed for years. Often times it is loved ones that are first to notice a problem,” continued Dr. Michael Steer. “Often patients report that even though they can hear someone talking, they can’t understand what is being said. With hearing loss, speech gets distorted and hard to make out.” If you’re over 50 it’s recommended you have your hearing checked for early detection of hearing loss. However, if you have ringing in the ears, a history of loud noise exposure, or family history of hearing loss, you may need your hearing checked even earlier. Hearing aids available today aren’t your grandparent’s hearing aids. Dr. Steer explained, “We have digital hearing aids that are so tiny they are completely invisible to the average person and can Bluetooth to your smartphone or television. Hearing aid technology has grown an immense amount since even five years ago.”

When you come to Taylor Hearing, you are treated like family. You can be confident you will get comprehensive testing and treatment. We strive to make sure our patients receive first rate care, and that your experience with us warrants you telling your friends and family how we worked together to solve your hearing needs. It’s completely painless!

Come in for a simple chat, a free hearing check, or to have your hearing aid(s) cleaned. And yes, we can clean and service those aids you bought somewhere else. We’ll have coffee and freshly baked cookies waiting for you!

Our Tennessee locations include Memphis, Collierville, Munford, and Savannah. Our Arkansas locations include Mountain Home, Jonesboro, Cherokee Village, Clinton, Heber Springs and Mountain View. Call 901-762-0125 today to schedule a free exam or visit us at www.taylorhearingcenters.com.

Dr. Angela Cissom, Au.D.
Dr. Matthew Taylor, Au.D.