St. George’s Independent School

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  • Locations: 149 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103
  • Phone: 901-529-4000

St. George’s began as a simple idea, discussed over dinner in a tiny Episcopal rectory in 1959. Within the year, the idea became a school committed to laying strong educational foundations, forging fine character, and doing so bravely and joyfully.

The Germantown campus is home to the original lower school, a place dedicated to seeing every person as a child of God. It’s also the place of origin for a curriculum that marries classic content with active lessons, where sophisticated research merges with the simple understanding that children learn best when learning feels fun.

Our second lower school campus is located in the heart of Memphis. This campus, funded by generous donors since 2001, makes possible a St. George’s education for families who might not otherwise have financial or logistical access to an independent school setting.

Nestled in old growth forests and bordering the Wolf River, the Collierville campus houses our middle and upper school divisions. Collierville is the platform from which we launch our graduates into fine colleges and rewarding careers. It also serves as the convergence point for newly matriculating Germantown and Memphis campus students – as well as students from many other schools – as they unite in sixth grade.

Founded in the Episcopal tradition and dedicated to a culture of inclusion, St. George’s seeks students from many walks of life, religious traditions, races, and more than 50 zip codes because we believe our classrooms should reflect the realities of our city. The bridges built here result in students who embrace differences, recognize commonality, and learn from each other in preparation for their entrance into a complex and multi-cultural world.

If 2001 was the year of risk and uncertainty when we launched this ambitious vision, then 2016 is the year of realization and affirmation. Now the three-year-olds who began as prekindergartners at the Germantown and Memphis campuses are seniors and are college-bound. What was once a small suburban day school is now a PK-12th grade school with three campuses, exceptional facilities, and outstanding faculty.

Most importantly, lives are transformed as we weave together active learning and agile teaching, all within this distinctive educational model. The result? Graduates with disciplined minds, adventurous spirits, and brave hearts. A new generation of problem-solvers, risk-takers, fence-menders, and dream-chasers – eager to change the face and fate of a city.