Southland Park Gaming & Racing

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  • Location: 1550 North Ingram Blvd. West Memphis, AR 72301
  • Phone: 870-735-3670


It has been nearly 60 years since Southland Park opened its doors in September 1956 to provide quality entertainment via greyhound racing to Mid-Southerners.

When gaming was added in 2006, the landscape of Southland Park was completely changed. The historic venue has since become a premier destination for entertainment seekers in the region. “We provide guests an opportunity for a ‘getaway’ in their own back yard, where they can come visit us and forget all their worries for just a little while,” said Troy Keeping, Southland President & General Manager. “Whether you’re after the excitement of gambling on a variety of gaming machines, the thrill of live greyhound racing, mouth-watering dining options or great free play rewards and promotional giveaways, we promise and deliver an unforgettable experience at Southland Park!”

Keeping describes Southland’s guests as Mid-Southerners, ages 21+ to game, and 18+ to race. He says that what separates Southland from other gaming entities is their company’s guest service.

“Our guest service is consistently considered the best in the area,” said Keeping. “Our company prides itself on ‘creating special experiences one guest at a time’ and Southland Park truly embodies this spirit.”

When asked about his proudest moment as President & General Manager, Keeping said, “When I arrived at Southland Park Gaming & Racing in May 2007, it was barely a going concern, pretty much a business on life support. I distinctly remember August 2009 like it was yesterday. That was when we had finally identified and successfully placed competitive gaming product on the gaming floor. That was the beginning of the turnaround. I am most proud of seeing the team seize the opportunities that followed and seeing Southland reach its full potential as a business, including the last expansion that completely transformed the property into a ‘Vegas-esque’ entertainment destination.”

Business highlights for Southland have included several expansions over the last few years, including a $38 million expansion that was completed in early 2015. In looking ahead to the future, there is a multi-phase Master Plan to eventually replace the original building. Keeping said that execution of that plan is contingent upon continued performance, available capital resources and market conditions.

“We are constantly monitoring and evaluating when and if we will execute the next phase(s),” explained Keeping.

When asked about the best business advice he had received, Keeping said, “Early in my career I had a situation escalate to the VP of Administration, Bob Boughner, at Boyd Gaming. I was concerned about how it was going to be resolved when heading into the meeting. Upon arriving at the meeting Bob asked, ‘How are you doing?’, and I replied, ‘Worried.’ His response is something I use to this day. He said, ‘Why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.’ We talked about that, and in the end, the meeting turned out much different than the ending I had worked up in my imagination. It was good advice that I continue to live by.”

“I am blessed to work with some of the best in the industry and singling out just one is impossible,” concluded Keeping. “Suffice it to say that I am truly lucky to be surrounded by a team smarter than me and a workforce that truly helps us define a good working culture in a hard-working environment.”