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  • Address: 6881 Appling Farms Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38133
  • Phone: 901-324-8801

Ladd’s was founded in 1963 by Mr. Bob Ladd as a golf car and turf equipment distributor. Product lines have changed over the 50+ years however support of the customer never wavered. The current ownership of Jim Caldwell and Steve Hatchett with the later addition of Mitch Parker, began in 1990. Since that time the company has grown 7 times in revenue and have developed a reputation of going the extra mile to take care of customers.

We are a tremendously customer –driven organization. Our decision making process relies primarily on feedback from the field. We utilize our parts and service functions as a means to deliver complete customer satisfaction. One of the more important goals we have as a company is that our customers should want (not need) to do business with us. Ladd’s believes it can deliver the type of relationship that makes our customers better and happier. Hence our tag line “Up Your Life”.

Ladd’s moved from 764 Scott Street to 6881 Appling Farms Parkway in December, 2004.

An initial philosophy of Ladd’s since 1990 is simply “be a great place to work”. We have strived for an environment that employees enjoy their daily work life. We feel that is so important for mental health and that it radiates to the customer. Life is too short to dread coming to work each day. This has also been key to employee retention. Over half of our employees have more than 5 years tenure and most of those over 10 years. Currently our longest tenured employee is Jo Johnson (88) with 40 years of service to Ladd’s.

We have a large array of great customers that include but are not limited to individuals, municipalities, sports facilities, zoos, universities, golf courses. There have been many great partners in business and our products are visible in a variety of settings. As always the most important customer is the one in front of us at the moment…YOU!

We have been fortunate to win Dealer of the year from multiple vendors and from several, multiple times. We appreciate the recognition for a good year. However, more important to us is the fact that we have had 50+ good years in a row. Whether we win an award or not we want to feel good about our effort. Yes, we fall short of perfection, but we try hard to learn from mistakes and we make sure we feel the pain every time. It is easy to rationalize a mistake…but winners learn from them and hate losing. Ladd’s hates losing. We want to win your business.