King Furs & Fine Jewelry

King Furs and Fine Jewelry

King Furs was established in 1947. In 1992 we added fine jewelry to our collection of luxurious products found from around the world and changed our name to King Furs and Fine Jewelry. No matter how you know us: King Furs, King Fine Jewelry or King Furs and Fine Jewelry, we take great pride in our longevity and integrity and we stand behind everything we sell, because, we feel, our reputation is far more important than money. King Furs and Fine Jewelry is full service providing all the sales and service you’d expect for both furs and jewelry.

At King, in our fur department, you’ll find numerous styles and qualities in a wide variety of furs including a vast selection of reversible styles in sheared mink, mink short and long coats, fur vests and fur trimmed cloth capes or coats made from fine luxurious fabrics like Alpaca, Cashmere and Angora. We also carry a gigantic collection of fur accessories including hats, headbands, and fur trimmed gloves. Every fur you see is handpicked for quality and style. Because King has been working with the same designers and factories for decades, the relationships developed, allow King to get the very best prices. We’re not just business acquaintances with our suppliers, we are members of the family.

As a full service furrier, our on premise refrigerated cold storage vault is something to see. Our vault is always open for inspection because we feel, you need to see and feel where you fur is kept. If you can’t see the vault, you don’t know what you’re getting. Because cold storage is so important, in 2015, we fully replaced our refrigeration system. A costly endeavor, it needed to be done to make sure your fur is kept at the proper temperature. All storage and cleaning is done on premise right here at our locations in Laurelwood Shopping Center.

Everyone knows, as leather dries, it becomes less elastic. When it loses the elasticity, it becomes stiff and can tear very easily. To protect your investment, every fine fur must be placed in cold storage every summer so the leather doesn’t dry. At storage time, cleaning and conditioning is also recommended to make sure the fur stays beautiful. A fur coat, placed into cold storage and cleaned every summer will continue to look new for many, many years. Plus, with our on premise cold storage vault, retrieval is fast and easy with no pre-notice required. You can get your fur at your convenience between 10am and 5pm, Monday through Saturday.

King offers expert re-styling on all types of furs and can advise you on the best way to take a coat that is out of style or too big or small, or both and update it so it looks awesome. With our large inventory, many styles can be copied and we also have samples of coats we’ve re-styled showing you what we can do. King also offers the finest lining replacement, seam repair, monograming, basically, anything needed, King can do.

At King, you’ll find the very best jewelry the world has to offer. We are the only Memphis member of the Continental Buying Group, the single most powerful jewelry buying consortium in the USA and because of our huge buying power, we’re able to buy for less and then pass our savings along to you.

As a fine fashion jeweler, we look the world over for designer collections that will set you apart from the others. Some of our most recent finds include: I Reiss, Hidalgo, Bellarri, Henderson Collection, Luca, Nina Nguyen, Officina Bernardi, Bassali, Malo, Levian, Preferred 105 Diamonds and Jewelry, The King Diamond Collection, our handpicked collection of diamond jewelry including engagement rings and wedding bands and The King Color Collection, our handpicked collection of beautiful color gems.

We are also the only fine jeweler in Memphis who belongs to Preferred Jewelers International (PJI). PJI is a network of independent jewelers who've banded together to offer a network for our customers should they be out of the city or move and need help with a repair or with service of their beautiful diamond jewelry purchased at King. When you purchase diamond jewelry from King, you can rest assured with our Preferred Jewelers Nationwide Lifetime Warranty any covered repair will be done expertly at no cost to you at any Preferred Jeweler in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

King is proud to have a highly-trained bench jeweler on premise that can handle all types of jewelry repair, ring sizing and stone setting. King also specializes in custom design and can take your ideas and transform them into a new sensation. With decades of experience, all repairs are done with the care you’d expect from someone who takes pride to insure your precious jewelry and heirlooms are handle properly and expertly. King also offers fine Swiss watch repair for all of your fine time pieces.