Duncan-Williams, Inc.

  • Website: www.duncanwilliams.com
  • Address: 6750 Poplar Avenue, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38138
  • Phone: 901-260-6800

Investing in the city that gave us a home.

Since our beginning in 1969, Duncan-Williams, Inc. has been a locally owned investment firm rooted in Memphis, Tennessee. In recent years we have grown into a nationally recognized, full-service financial services provider that has become one of the largest privately owned investment firms in the United States. However, we haven't lost site of our humble beginnings nor our most important asset - the relationships built with our clients.

Being successful is something every company strives for, but at Duncan-Williams we believe in more. We believe that we must give back to the people and places that made us. It is of critical importance to us to help our community and enrich those around us. Our employees and clients are who we are. They have families and lives, and we believe that in giving back, we better the very community where we work.

For this reason we take pride in our community efforts with engagements such as Live at the Garden Concert Series, the Germantown Performing Arts Center, Dragon Boat Races, and the Indie Memphis Film Festival. All of our efforts are leading to the Memphis we want to see: a thriving community full of opportunities for generations to come. We have a firm understanding that by continuing to treat Memphis as it could be, the city will become what it should be.

Memphis has been our home since 1969 and its people have been our family. Our commitment to this city is unwavering and we look forward to continue engaging in Memphis for many years to come. Here at Duncan-Williams we know our success depends on yours and we work hard with Memphis to give people an opportunity to come together and Do Well.