Another Round

October 24, 1902

Carrie Nation came to town yesterday and had lots of fun with the boys, and they had an equal amount of amusement and diversion out of her. The old lady has achieved all the notoriety that one of her age and habits can get out of one hatchet, and has abandoned the steel weapon for the sword of her Lord. During the day she visited several saloons, jollied the white apron gents who stood behind the bars, dashed to the floor a glass of liquor just as a thirsty person was turning it down his throat, delivered two open-air lectures on temperance to several thousand people, and wound up the day with a hurrah that surpasses anything of the kind ever seen in this community.

The pre-Prohibition temperance champion who won her fame by attacking bars and taverns with a hatchet offered Memphis a free vaudeville show that won raves from the newspaper.

She is a mystifying success; as a drawing card she surpasses the genial statesman and stump orator known as “Our Bob.” (Gov. Robert Love Taylor)