A 'Cordial Reception'

November 20, 1902


Just a year after a wild celebration of Confederate vets in Memphis, President Theodore Roosevelt visits and receives what the newspaper describes as a "cordial reception."

The nation’s 26th president, and its youngest, came to the city for the homecoming of Memphian Luke E. Wright, a Confederate war hero who had served as vice governor of the Philippines.

It has often been said that Memphis people are not inclined to cheering, and yesterday was no exception to the rule. While the presidential party were greeted everywhere with marked courtesy, and the great-number of spectators assembled testified of the high regard in which the president of the United States is held by the people of this section, the cheering was not in evidence except to the degree to which Memphians have become accustomed.

Wright went on to become Roosevelt’s Secretary of War in 1908. He died in Memphis in 1922.