'I Think It Was Love'

May 28, 1958

Jerry Lee Lewis, Memphis rock and roll singer and marriage law theorist, headed home from London in haste yesterday after Britons and British newspapers called him a "cradle snatcher," and after a theater chain canceled the rest of his scheduled tour.

Before leaving he explained there was "nothing wrong" with his having married 13-year-old Myra Brown of Memphis last December, five months before his last wife and mother of his two sons divorced him.

Jerry Lee, who is 22, said his marriage to little Myra was legal because his marriage to his second wife wasn't, those vows having been exchanged five months before his divorce from his first wife, whom he married when he was 15.

The beleaguered Jerry Lee Lewis arrived home in Memphis tired and confused about the trouble caused by the revelation of his five-month marriage. The rock and roll singer and his 13-year-old bride went to their home at 4752 Dianne to rest from their long trip to London. In 1996, Lewis spoke of Myra: "I really felt sorry for her. She was a little girl didn't have a thing. She had one gingham dress she wore to school. I felt sorry for her and I liked her and I married her and it was an experience. We grew real close together. Whether you'd call it love, I don't know. I think it was love, and I backed it up and didn't hide it like Elvis did and take her up to his house for 13 years and then marry her." (Lloyd Dinkins/The Commercial Appeal)