General Interest

October 16, 1952

Lest you think partisanship is an invention of the cable networks.

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the first presidential candidate to visit Memphis in 56 years, drew thousands to the riverfront.

Just how many thousands was a point of political debate.

Republican officials disputed the official estimate of 20,000, contending at least 75,000 attended the event where their candidate spoke in support of TVA and farm subsidies, and another 100,000 had seen the general along the route to and from the airport.

As evidence of how important farm price supports were to the crowd, whatever its size, the raised stage was lined in cotton bales.

Amid ticker tape and cheers, General Eisenhower thrilled thousands with his open arms salute and he turned onto Union off Main on his way to the riverfront October 15, 1952. His slogan, "I like Ike," proved irresistible later that year, and he won the election for president. (The Commercial Appeal)

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Clay and Land