December 7, 1952

Hallelujahs will reverberate through the vast reaches of Mason Temple at 938 South Fifth today as a slight, erect figure familiar to every "saint" will mount the central platform.

For God has spared Bishop C.H. Mason for another great convocation.

The 87-year-old senior bishop of the Churches of God in Christ will once more give the key sermon at the denomination’s 43rd annual gathering.

Bishop Charles Harrison Mason had risen from slavery to organize his church, which had grown to more than 1 million members, in 5,000 congregations around the world, at the time of his death in 1961.

Chanting "Yes, it's so!" and shouting praises to the Lord, newly reborn "saints" file in ecstatic tumult past the raised figure of Bishop C. H. Mason for anointing at his hands Dec. 7, 1952. The scene outside Mason Temple at 938 South Fifth climaxed "Bishop Mason Day". A few minutes earlier, the 87-year-old senior bishop addressed as many as 15,000 at an annual convocation of the Churches of God in Christ. (Barney Sellers/The Commercial Appeal)