Rx For Change

June 24, 1951

Businessman Abe Plough was well known for his generosity; comedian Jack Benny not so much.

Nonetheless, Plough celebrated the opening of Plough, Inc.’s new plant by bringing the miserly comedian to town for a benefit that raised $28,000 for servicemen and vets.

Mr. Benny last night had the audience strictly on his side from the moment he explained the way Memphians and Tennesseans worked together.

Now, Memphis has a monopoly on the making of aspirin. Abe Plough makes it and Senator Kefauver creates the demand.

Jack Benny, who probably knows less about it than anyone, gives a violin lesson to Abe Plough before the Benny Service Men's Show at Ellis Auditorium June 23, 1951. The big revue, starring radio and movie personalities, ended a week-long celebration of the opening of the Plough, Inc. new plant at 3022 Jackson Ave. Mr. Plough is president of the firm. The benefit raised approximately $28,000 for the benefit of servicemen and veterans. Benny's appearance, with a troupe he will take to Korea to entertain troops, was paid for in full by Plough, Inc. (Courtesy Special Collections/University of Memphis Libraries)