The 'Avengers'

March 9, 1892

Calvin McDowell, Moss and Will Stewart, ringleaders on the assault on the deputies who raided the Curve last Saturday night, are missing from their cells in the Shelby County Jail this morning.

At 2:30 o’clock this morning they were removed by a band of 75 men wearing masks.

What has become of the three negroes is known only to the men who took them from the jail, but it is a reasonable inference that long ere this Judge Lynch has passed sentence upon, and that the sentence has been executed.

This powerfully told story carried no byline but one could assume from its tenor the author didn’t question the actions of the "avengers."

The vengeance was sharp, swift and sure but administered with due regard to the fact that people were asleep all around the jail, and that is not good form to arouse people from their slumbers at 3 o’clock in the morning.