This project stands on the shoulders of many others who have explored the history of Memphis and its daily newspaper. Two previous commemorative editions — celebrating our 100th and 150th anniversaries — created the foundation for “175 Moments” so much of this publication can be credited to those who produced those sections in 1940 and 1991.

Much credit goes to the authors of these important local histories:

Special thanks to Jimmy Ogle, Shelby County Historian, for his invaluable guidance.

Within the newsroom, special thanks to my assistant, Theresa White, for countless hours of staring at microfilm; John Sale, photo director, for digging out the images that give this publication life; and digital director, Danny Bowen, and designer Jason Viera who wrestled such a mass of text and photographs into this powerful presentation. Also adding immeasurably to this project were copy editors Beth Gooch, Katie Gould, Nina Goldman and Bill Ramsey.

Finally, "175 Moments" is dedicated to the staffers whose words and images are used, and to the legion of CA employees whose efforts have enabled us to record history, day after day, for 175 years.